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Boyes Turner
Full service law firm that has doubled in size without a merger in less than 5 years, raised profits and is widely regarded as one of the Southern UK's most successful law firms. 

Business Challenge 

Developing people and their ability to work in teams is absolutely key to building a successful law firm. Many professional service firms have dabbled in this, but few have cracked it. 


A well-thought-out strategy is essential and having an experienced Dale Carnegie practitioner on hand to help out and discuss ideas adds value and makes things happen faster. Dale Carnegie's customized approach has helped a number of senior managers more quickly develop a greater awareness of effective people development. This, in turn, has improved their ability as coaches and mentors. 


HR has been placed at the heart of the business and is being used as the key agent of change. This has sped up Boyes Turner's progress and built strong foundations for the firm. The effects are highly visible in terms of strengthening its service offering, the development of its client base and also its high regard by third party independent organizations 
"Dale Carnegie has helped me to guide the business to a position where it is recognised as one of the best UK regional law firms. We have grown rapidly over the last five years, indeed from £4m to over £10m and, in the process, significantly strengthened the service that we provide as well as the quality of our client base."
~ Andrew Chalkley, CEO and Partner.

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